Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tait's 3rd Birthday:: Dino Style

Our Birthday Boy!

This year we decided to do a small family/god family celebration for Tait's 3rd birthday. With his aussie god-muma here we had his celebration a few weeks early. It was small, and sweet but I still allowed my creative energies to flow to create a fun "Dinosaur Discovery" for my boy and his 'family friends'. Here are some pics of the party and all the little details. Enjoy!

The birthday boy got a kick out of helping to make his invitations ...

... which ended up looking like this.

Our party started at 'snack time' so when everyone arrived the children dove into their 'snack sacks' which were guarded by Tait's dinosaur costume. I think most of the kids ended up wearing the costume at some point during the morning!
we had 4 "exhibits"

In the Fossil Dig, the kids got to dig around to find a little dinosaur skeleton and then brush the dirt off and put their find in their bucket.

Paint-o-saurus was a painting activity, we plan to turn ours into magnets for our fridge!

Exhibit C was a dinosaur habitat play land. Renatah and Tait helped me set this up in the week before the party and had a great time 'testing it out'. They are still enjoying it a week later. On the day the dinosaurs ended up in a time warp and into modern day with horses, trains, airplanes, and people joining in their habitat!!

Our final Exhibit was a story read by Papa, "Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs" and a Dinosaur Classification activity. Each child was given their own 'bucket full of dinosaurs' and were asked to find which one in their bucket matched the description that was given.
After all our discovering was done it was time to feed our own little dinos. Having a small group meant I was able to make a place for each of them at the table with a table runner made to look like some dinos had run across it!!

Our feast was complete with some "swamp water'' to drink (a mixture of ice tea and lemonaide!)
It didn't go over too well with most kids, they ended up asking for 'normal water' instead!! No complaints from the mumas!

Of course there was a 'cake'. Which was enjoyed by all and my favorite part ... there was NO LEFT OVERS!!

The kids all left with their dino discoveries in little bags that had some more dino fun inside.

We are in the midst of converting our garage into a rec room. Progress had come to a stop for a few weeks, which ended up being great. We were able to set it up as a party room exclusively. Probably not something that will happen again - so I thoroughly enjoyed it!! We decorated with dinosaur books from the library too to add to the activities available for the day. Here are some room overviews.
There is it. Tait's third birthday party - Dino Style. Thanks for looking - please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Aunty 'Omi!! What a fantastic display both of your amazing talents and your love for your little man! Such brilliant ideas and sooo much fun. What a great party! Wish we could have been there. Tait is looking so grown up too!

Lots of love to you all
Jen, Phil & the boys xx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable!

Julianne said...

Wow, you have a creative gift my friend! I think you should publish a book of party ideas - I would definately buy it! Happy birthday Tait, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself.
Lots of love Julie x

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! What a celebration! Since we can't get on your blog in China it is extra special to see ;-). Let the year of Three be a blessed adventure
-/-Holsclaw Family

Anonymous said...

ohh I thought I had already commented.....obviously got interrupted!!

Nay- you have outdone yourself!!
A-MAZING! love it all!!

Glad you could make such fantastic use of the dino's :) Such a clever mumma love sar xx

Unknown said...

Hi Aunt Naomi! Uncle Tim gave me a link to your blog. :) You have such cute designs. Both Shalom and Renatah's hair was so cute with those curls. Can't wait to see you all. Bye!