Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Tait's 3rd Birthday:: DAY

With his birthday bash a couple of weeks in the past we felt we would celebrate our boy a little more on his actual birthday. 
Our tradition ... a photo of their last sleep before their age 'changes'.

 You'll never guess from the pics what he is 'into' these days. He requested that theme for his 'birthday'.  I didn't really want to plan a party around a particular 'character' so we just waited till his birthday to cater to his request.


We got our "Birthday Gobblet" this year (and maybe I should get an extra few to stash away). The kids loved a special glass to use on their birthday.

We made a whole day of celebrating Tait.  A present here and there through out the day rather than all at once and cupcakes and candles ... twice!
... after naps with is 'sisters'

and ... after dinner with our neighbors.

What a gift our boy is to our family and what a joy to celebrate life with little kids!  So much excitement in each moment.  Hope your year ahead is a great one little man!


Anonymous said...

love the birthday goblet idea! great tradition :) Sar

Alvarez Family said...

Really enjoyed the blog...such creative ideas! Totally feel much better to see your little boy with a pacifier, since I've been wondering if I should cut the binky with my 2 1/2 yr old! :) Thanks for sharing! Sweet family!